I recently went to a networking event at our local chamber of commerce, and was constantly asked, “What all does your company do?” I would give them the elevator pitch I had practiced and memorized, but a part of me was thinking, “we do so much more than what I can fit into a 30-45 second pitch!” So, here I am, writing a blog about what our company is capable of. All of it. Buckle up, this should be fun.

Our services can basically be broken down into four different categories: Creative Design, Traditional Advertising, Digital Marketing, and Website Development. Pretty simple right? But each of these high-level services, comes with its own branch of “sub-services” we provide to our clients. Let’s dive a little bit deeper.

Creative Design

Creative Design is our bread and butter. We can design pretty much anything for you. Logo? You got it. Car Wrap? Sure, no problem! PPC ad? Absolutely! Brochure? Yeah, we do those all the time! I think you get the point.

Our Creative Team is made up of extremely experienced artists, who use the most up-to-date tech to provide our clients with top-notch designs. But what good is a design file? What good is a great design, with nothing to print it on, or strategy behind it? This is where our next two services come into play.

Traditional Advertising

Whenever we design something, it’s going to be pushed by one of two types of media: Traditional or Digital. Traditional Advertising covers everything that isn’t on the internet: your brochures, billboards, direct mail, etc. If you don’t know what you want, that’s perfectly ok! We can help you plan that.

From design, to print, to execution, C3 has you covered.

Traditional Advertising also deals with some other services that don’t necessarily need to be designed: Media Buying, and Experiential Marketing.

Media Buying is extremely beneficial as a local, regional, or even national level marketing campaign. You can buy radio spots, newspaper ads, TV ads, and so much more, and we can help make that happen.

Experiential Marketing is more event driven. If you want to coordinate a 5k, some sort of private event, or anything else that would help your customer “experience” your brand, we can help plan, execute, be by your side the whole way.

Digital Marketing

Like Traditional Advertising, Digital Marketing uses the designs C3 has created to make your brand come to life on a screen. With this service, C3 can place your ads on Social Media, Google, your customer’s email inbox, and so much more. Digital Marketing doesn’t stop with design and placement. It comes with execution and reporting.

Social Media does seem to be getting a lot more attention these days. We at C3 believe most, if not all, companies should have some sort of social media presence, but what does that look like for your business? Is Facebook the right platform? What about LinkedIn or Instagram? It most likely is a combination of 2-3 of the different platforms, and we would love to have a conversation about what would work best for you!

Website Development

Having an up-to-date website is one of the most important things you can do as a business. If you haven’t updated in the last 3-4 years, it may be worth having a conversation about it. Consumers are looking for you online, and if they see your website looks like it was made in the early 2000’s, they are going to go with your competitor that has a website that is easy on the eyes and doesn’t require too much thinking to get them to the information they need.

C3 loves to design websites. We can customize your website or work through a template, depending on the depth of the site and the amount of customization that’s needed. But one thing you do need to know, is that we NEVER hold your website hostage at C3. We bring you in and give you as much access as you want. And once it’s finished, it’s 100% yours.


I know I know. “What about video production? What about printing? I thought you could do that for me too?” YES! We can do that for you. We want to be completely up front with you, we wouldn’t be the ones fulfilling those jobs. Because we have all been in the Tampa Area for so long, and have been in the industry for so long, we have developed so many great relationships with people who help us “fill in the gaps.”  So, if we can’t fulfill one of your marketing needs in-house – we can help you find someone who can in our “network.” It’s built right into our name: C3 Media Network. We work with trusted partners that deliver the same high quality we strive for every day in the services we provide.

Does any of this sound like it’s something you would need for your business? We’d love to sit down over a drink or some coffee whenever time allows! Check out our website: C3medianetwork.com to learn more, and to contact us and schedule that drink!

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