There’s no doubt that businesses are faced with unprecedented challenges as a result of the current health crisis. One of them being the major shift from traditional forms of marketing and communicating, to digital. We have listed out some marketing channels that can help your business and brand grow during this shift:

  1. Social Media – As people are spending more time on social media to connect with friends and family, they are spending more time browsing different Pages and learning more through these platforms. This is the time for people to start recognizing your brand on these social networks!
  2. Pay Per Click Advertising – Have a message or a discount that you only want your Facebook Page Followers to see? Or want to reach new audiences that are similar to your fans? Ads might be the investment you need to take to step your customer base up a notch!
  3. Email Marketing – Planning and executing the perfect email marketing strategy builds credibility, brand recognition, stronger customer relationships. In today’s world where digital media is growing exponentially, email communication is more viable than ever.
  4. Blog – Another way to communicate and share valuable content with your audience is through a blog. It shows that you have industry knowledge, experience, and expertise. It keeps them coming back for more! Not to mention, blogs are excellent tools for boosting your website’s SEO.
  5. Website – All communication channels should lead to your website! Why? Your website is where you want customers to take action and convert! And vise versa – your social media links and lead capture form to opt-in to email should be easily visible on your website as well. Integrating these different channels is super important!
  6. Creative Solutions – With more consumers using their desktops, phones and tablets now more than ever, you must think of the consumer journey – it’s starting, and (increasingly) ending online. Maybe now I the time to consider taking online orders and purchases. Maybe now is the time to host that virtual event.

Having these digital channels set up and managed will allow your company to be prepared for any communication message to go out – whether it be a planned-out email campaign or spur-of-the-moment social media post. C3 Media offers these management and content strategy services in all digital channels. From setting up the website or digital channel, to creating the content, and executing fine-tuned messages – our clients can always count on us to relay any marketing communication to their customers in an appropriate and timely manner!

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