Creative Design

Design and layout is one of the most important elements of your marketing campaign. Good design can capture attention, call to action, and bring interest to the viewer. Bad design can throw people off, make them look away, or confuse a viewer. At C3, our design experience speaks for itself. It’s what we do best. It’s what we’ve been doing for years.

Print Design

Print design is incredibly important in any marketing effort. We can design flyers, print handouts, business cards, anything that you can print, we can design it for you. Need it printed and delivered? We do it all.

Digital Design

Need new designs for your website, display ads, or anything else in the digital world? We do that too. Our highly experienced designers create beautiful digital work, that are web ready as soon as they hit your inbox.

Identity Design

Are you a new company looking to create a brand? Are you an existing company looking to rebrand yourself? We can help you with that extensive process. We love helping design a look and feel of a brand. We can help capture everything you want in your brand, and turn it into a logo. This helps capture your brands mission, vision, and values, into one, well designed logo, for you to showcase on every piece from here on out.

Environmental Design

Looking to spice up your sales floor, trade show exhibit, or dining room? We do that too. C3’s talented designers are experts when it comes to designing for any environment. Having a well designed environment in your store or trade show leads to more comfortable, educated, and confident customers, leading to more sales for you.

Motion Graphics

We take incredible artwork, and bring it to life. Motion graphics are animated pieces where text is a major component. Need an explainer video to help people understand your product? Want to stand out on social media? A motion graphic might be your best bet.

Here is what the people say.

Blasters Logo PNG

“Over the past few years we have developed a very unique relationship of which I am very grateful. When we first began our partnership, it was for the development of our websites as well as the creation of some other marketing ideas.

Within the first few weeks, I soon realized that our businesses had a great deal in common. Our core values and personal relationships with our customers was mirrored in the way you treated us and our ideas. Your entire team listened to what we had to say, how we felt about our company’s growth, and what were some of the important things we were trying to accomplish.

Our companies have now been working together for over 4 years and I consider C3 Media, Inc. to be an integral part of our business. Your company has become part of our family here at Blasters, Inc. It is seen in the way our employees reach out to you direct for guidance on ideas, the handshakes and hugs at the door, and the laughs and good times we share outside our offices.

Our success as a company over the last 4 years is largely due to the new company image you have created for us. Our literature, websites, and overall marketing presence has greatly improved with your help.

We look forward to continuing to develop this business and personal relationship with all of you at C3 Media. Your guidance and ability to get things done in a timely manner are greatly appreciated. Our door is always open so when in the neighborhood, come on in.”

– Doug Elliott, VP of Sales