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The Benefits of Boosting on Facebook

A couple of years ago, I was working as an intern for a small company located in Gainesville, Florida. One of my main responsibilities was drumming up some sort of content and posting it to the company’s Facebook Page. This company wasn’t huge, but they weren’t small either; if I remember correctly, they had around […]

Making the Choice to Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising is exciting for marketers because of audience size, attention, organic reach decline, and targeting. Daily active Facebook users have reached 1.13 billion and 1.03 billion of which have access to social media through mobile devices. Those users on average spend 50 minutes every day on just Facebook, Instagram, and Messanger. This means that […]

What Can We Learn from a Geotargeting Success Story?

  Geotargeting has been a buzz word for marketers since it’s conception. But does it really work? Does it actually have value for your business? In short: yes. It works. And yes, your company can most likely benefit from it. Geo-targeting doesn’t have to be done on a massive scale, where you have different versions […]

Advantages of GeoTargeting in Advertising

Advertising is constantly adapting to the ever-changing habits of the human race. Today’s customers carry their phones or mobile devices with them everywhere they go. This creates a sort of “map” of what businesses they frequent or pass by daily. In order to better reach customers advertising strategies have changed to effectively use the “map.” […]

Social Media Engagement

Social Media is powerful. It’s one of the best tools in a marketer’s tool belt. The thing that makes social media so great of a tool is the ability for companies to actually engage with their customers or audience. From customers messaging you to let you know about a mistake in their food order, to […]

Do I need White Space, even if I don’t want it?

In creative design, does white space matter? Yes it does. All too often we come across design projects where industry expertise and personal preference collide. One of the common discussions that I have with clients is the usage of white space. When designers talk about whitespace, they actually mean negative space. In other words, the […]

How Digital and Traditional Advertising Go Hand in Hand

So often clients will ask me whether traditional or digital advertising would work better for them. My answer is normally the same: if you have the budget, do both. Traditional and digital advertising both have their own certain benefits, and should have their own goals, but that doesn’t mean they don’t work together to help […]

Maintaining Preparedness: Ways To Reach Your Customers Digitally

There’s no doubt that businesses are faced with unprecedented challenges as a result of the current health crisis. One of them being the major shift from traditional forms of marketing and communicating, to digital. We have listed out some marketing channels that can help your business and brand grow during this shift: Social Media – […]

Communication is Key!

The old saying – “Communication is Key” has probably never been so relevant as now! Whether you are communicating internally to your employees, or externally to your customers, clients, or stakeholders, showing you are prepared – no matter what event arises – goes a long way in relationship-building. Here are some points on how to […]

Tips For Working From Home

A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog about working from home. At the time, I thought it would be beneficial for people to know more about C3’s process and how we make working from home, work from us. With the recent Covid-19 aka Coronavirus events, the majority of companies are mandating that their […]

GIF vs. GIF – What Workplace Arguments Can Teach Us About Business

A few weeks ago, I was having a very heated debate in the office over which pronunciation of “GIF” (acronym: graphic interchange format) is correct. There are basically two lines of thought, GIF with a hard G (think “graphic”) and GIF with a soft G (think general).  I, of course, was on the correct side […]

ADA Compliance and Your Website:
Here’s What You Need to Know

Over the recent years, ADA Compliance has been kind of a hot button topic, especially when it comes to Online ADA Compliance. So, what is all the chatter about? Are you bound by law to make sure your website is up to date with ADA Compliance standards? Well the answer isn’t super clear. The Americans […]