The old saying – “Communication is Key” has probably never been so relevant as now! Whether you are communicating internally to your employees, or externally to your customers, clients, or stakeholders, showing you are prepared – no matter what event arises – goes a long way in relationship-building. Here are some points on how to care for these different audiences:

1.     Communicate clearly and often. Define how you are going to manage the communications process and how often.
2.     Be honest. If you don’t know something, it’s OK to say you don’t know how something will turn out.
3.     Be transparent. Surprises make everyone nervous so the more transparent you can be, the better.

Having said that, it does not mean you have to disclose confidential information or undecided details. Find the comfortable place in the transparency continuum and be consistent!

Communicating clearly and showing the progress you are making often mitigates any worries employees, clients, or stakeholders may have. The extra reassurance, communication, and support could even leave you with a stronger brand perception than before! In our next post, we will share different ways of communicating online to reach your customers and maintain Preparedness.

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